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So I'm here to try my best to blog diligently. And as you can see my blog title, this is a rant post.
Not really a rant, but just more fears to add on to mine.

Well, pregnancy is already taking its toll on me, with my back aching and making cracking sounds

whenever I get up from lying, my extreme emotions, my frequent hunger pangs which come with
a freebie - nausea, and much much more. Oh, you have absolutely no idea what you're expecting when you're expecting - pun intended - just like how I was clueless how traumatizing a pregnancy could be. Especially a very unlucky one. I will need to forewarn all those who are thinking of having a child in a post... or maybe more than A post. To make some feel better, not everyone experience pregnancy the same way and there are things you can do to prevent certain unpleasant symptoms.

Anyway, already feeling bad enough, I HAVE to chance upon this video on Facebook.

A video of 2 brave Dutch guys experiencing 2 hours of labour pain with an electro labour stimulator...


Now I don't know if I can handle this. They look like they're really in excruciating pain. And they're men to

begin with, whom I believe have a greater pain threshold than women. Oh, and I realise they also don't have
a big heavy stomach to carry. I am a women who cannot even bear with menstrual cramps...... 

I always end up taking the painkillers... ಥ⌣ಥ

To add on, that is only 2 hours of "labour" time. Which means it could possibly be longer than that!

Choy, I hope and pray mine would be over in like 30 mins?
Please tell me I can do this.
I can. ᕦ(ಠ◡ಠ)ᕤ

Ok, my dear husband decided to leave me here alone for another 27 days. Makes me feel worse.

Sigh, I miss you terribly baby.

On a lighter note, my anomaly scan will be on the 8th of May which is this coming Wednesday.

I'm excited to know my little one's gender and to see him/her all bigger in the black and white screen again.

I pray that everything will be normal and fine. It will be. Because... to my little active one,
you are healthy, you are strong, you are clever, and you are loveable.
Mommy and daddy and many others love you.

xxx R.


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