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One year ago

This day, last year, it was me and my friends' graduation day.

It has been a year since we wore this graduation robe and walked up the stage to receive our diploma we have all worked for. It was the day it opened a new chapter in our lives. The girls, went further on to be passionate and caring nurses, while the guys, are serving the nation now.

It has also been a year plus since we started work as nurses and have been serving the community, at the heart of all we do. A big milestone I must say. From learning in school, to taking care of people who are unrelated with our hearts.

Now that the girls are all working shift and roster work where we don't get day offs on the same days every week, and with the guys in the army, it makes it very difficult for us to be able to do what we always do when we're still in the polytechnic. To hang out and have fun, without a care in the world, with not as many commitments and responsibilities as we have now. And most importantly, we don't have as much time to spend with each other.

Then, I can only look back, miss them, miss school, and reminisce the times we spent together. We had so much fun back then. So much. From overseas immersion programme to adventure trips, from overseas trips to just going to JB for cheap seafood and stayovers.

The special bond between all of us.

This, is the start of a part of my life... 4 years ago when we just started polytechnic...

Pictures included our first outing!

This is our first picnic at  the beach.
I know, I changed (or should I say most of us) changed a lot even in 3 years.

And this is our first tutorial group barbecue.

There are a lot more pictures of us doing crazy things during our first year but it will take a lot of time so shall skip to our 2nd years' events.

Zhiyang (aka The Spoiler)'s 18th Birthday

Filming for our Overseas Immersion Programme project day

Sharlyn's 18th birthday chalet

Ok posting pictures is really time consuming. This is the final video for our OIP project. Embarrassing but I shall upload it anyway. Nolstagic.

And these are the photos when we were in Shanxi, China for the OIP for 3 weeks.

My China buddy whom I was paired up with during my 3 weeks stay. Awesome host!

My roommate for 3 weeks!
Ooooh all the crazy things we do in the room haha, really miss those times so much.

Ok, if I put all our events up here it will take forever so I shall just let some pictures of the many pictures do the talking.

Filming for our dementia video. Behind-the-scenes.

Picnic @ Marina Barrage.

Gopeng Adventure Trip, White Water Rafting. Scary experience!

My 18th birthday celebration. That's just safety pants not panties.

Asstasy clique shirt and birks.

Sunway Lagoon Trip and JB Stayover

 Bangkok Trip

 Johnnie Walker Event

 Universal Studios

 Bintan Holiday Trip

And prom night!

There are much more but I think these are enough. Looking for pictures isn't easy as different friends use their camera to take the pictures each time so I don't know which friend has it.

Yes, our friendship is that special and I am so proud of how far we've all come now. Working and earning our own keeps now and almost all of them have their other partner to share their lives with.

All these 3 years memories will forever be in my heart. And I hope to meet all of them again soon. 

To end off, I shall congratulate the cohort who graduated today, this year!

Sneak preview of my next post... "How I Met Your Father" dedicated to the little super active one who can't stop kicking inside me. Stay tuned.

xxx R.


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