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Buying for my baby

On the pregnancy app I downloaded on my phone, it says that it's tempting to think that when your baby is born you'll need lots of expensive equipment. But in reality, you need very little, though you may want to treat yourself and your baby to a few extras.

That sounds just like me.

These are the stuff my husband and I already got. Some are essential ones that the app said we would need before the baby arrives and some are extra treats.
  • Baby cot with mattress and bumpers.
Yep, so I already got this on hand.

  • Changing table
Got this too but I have no idea where to get the changing mat. 
Need to go and look for one soon.

  • Lansinoh Affinity Pro 2 Double Electric Breast Pump

Yea, the hubby got it for me already :) Next to look for are storage bags, bottles, teats and sterilizer. Quite exciting actually although I know I might get nagged at if we buy them ourselves without consulting my mother. You know how the older gen wants us to save money for more important stuff so they'd rather I use hand-me-downs if there are any available. And it is actually quite easy for my family to find as my maternal side relatives will always have a baby. Like almost every year. No lack of kids on this side.

And the extra I thought would come in handy in future is the...
  • Braun Thermoscan With Exactemp Technology
Asked the hubby to get it from the UK as it is super cheap on compared to how much it is retailing in Singapore. Got it for only £24 (~SGD$48) when it is retailing at ~SGD$150 here. I don't understand the big price difference. Almost triple the price. And so yep, he got it.

As for the clothes, we already have some which are gifts from his family and friends and my family and friends. I'm just waiting for him to be back in 4 days time (so excited I can't wait to finally see and hug him again!!!) then we'll go shop for our first newborn bodysuit, mittens, hat and baby blanket.

Well I foresee that I won't be satisfied with buying just one (≧◡≦)

xxx R.


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