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Dear baby,

To kick-start blogging on my revamped blog (once again), I shall dedicate this post to the active little one in my tummy expected to due on the 20th of September this year.

To my little human being, thank you for coming into my life.

Because of you, I've been through the downs and sorrows of my life
but because of you, I've also felt the ups and joys of life.
When daddy and I just found out about you, it happened to be a really
difficult time for the both of us. But, don't worry baby, I have never
thought of giving you up no matter what.

And thankfully, I have a great mommy and daddy which are your grandparents.

They have been very supportive. I am so glad I have them.
Mommy also have siblings (your aunties and uncles) who loves me and you.
Not forgetting all my dear friends and colleagues who have showered mommy
with care and concern, always afraid of me carrying heavy stuff, and
doing things that might endanger you. They will always be there for me and you.

I have to say, your coming has brought me many pains (but it's all worth it).

Feeling nauseous and vomiting everything I eat or drink in the first 4 months,
making my emotional preggie hormones surge over me, causing me to worry and cry
myself to sleep almost every night and making me feel stressed over the littlest
things. Now calling for womb service almost every day and I have to eat so much
to make you feel full. Big appetite baby like your daddy.

But, you have also brought me happiness.

When I first saw you in the black and white screen. When I first heard your heartbeat.
When I first felt your kick. When I feel you actively moving in my tummy.
When I look forward to finding out your gender. Boy or girl, I love the same.
When I look forward to your birth and to hold you for the first time.

My active little baby,

you are healthy, you are strong, you are clever, and you are loveable.
Mommy and daddy love you.
And many others love you too.

xxx Mommy


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