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Gives me hope

Even though I'm just 5 months and a week pregnant, I've quite a lot of experience already...

At the 3rd and 4th month of my pregnancy, my baby bump was near to none. There was a bump but it was neither here nor there, it could look like I'm pregnant or just fat. My normal nursing uniform was a little, just a little tight fitting, but I continued wearing it to work. It shows the baby bump, it does. So whenever I take the public transport, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) specifically, I thought my baby bump would make some nice people give up their seat to me. 

No, I don't always think of my pregnancy as an advantage to take so I have a seat all the time. But inside of me, I still wish there is humanity and basic courtesy in mankind. Especially when I have worked my whole day walking around, nursing children not my own. (I'm working in a 32-bedded C and B2 class paediatric medical ward)

Don't wish to sound like an auntie but, I feel a little sad whenever people obviously saw my bump, even when I'm already wearing my maternity uniform, but pretend they didn't. Not like sad because I don't get a seat but sad because I see for myself, how selfish people can get.

I'm not saying everyone should give up their seat to me and I know that some people might
be tired after working for a day or they really didn't notice, or they just can't decide if it's a pregnant belly or fats (I understand how embarrassed they would feel if I say "I'm actually just fat but it's ok you can still give me the seat because I'm tired carrying my own weight thank you very much -_-") So I can't judge them but I can't help feeling something.

I feel a little upset and angry (pregnancy does that to me often) when my legs are tired and I see teenage girls and boys or middle aged man who obviously do not look like they had a tiring day pretend they didn't see and continue playing with their phone or just acting blur. It sounds judgmental but trust me, when you're in my shoes, you will know exactly how I feel.

Of course, I have also encountered nice people during this period of time and I do feel guilty whenever someone gives up their seat to me because I still feel like I don't deserve the seat. Like my pregnant belly is not so big yet that they add extra weight making it more tiring to stand. And I really felt guilty there was once I can tell this lady was so troubled trying to decide if I am pregnant or fat for like about 3-4 stops before she finally decided I am pregnant. The irony. What pregnant hormones can do to you. Well this shows I'm not desperately wanting and begging for seats. Sometimes I just stand throughout my whole 25 - 30 mins journey.

But whenever someone does that, I do give them a wide smile and say "thank you!" It makes my day and I'm sure it does make theirs too (since most of the people who give up seats are usually genuinely kind because those who're not will just not give it up)

Anyway, so now I'm 5 months and a week far, my bump is getting a little more noticeable.
And I did not mention this on my previous post but on the day of my anomaly scan, a 
standing passenger quite far from where I was standing actually saw my bump and confidently told a passenger on the reserved seat to give up the seat to me as I'm pregnant.
I was really surprised and thankful. Thanked both the standing passenger and the one who gave up her seat with a wide smile too.

Today, I was also offered a seat immediately after I boarded by a kind man when I was making my way home from work.

These people give me hope. True kindness still does exists.
Oh yes, out of fun, I downloaded Luxand's baby maker and combined my hubby and my picture. This is what the baby maker shows how our little baby would look like......
HAHAHA! Cute or not?
No, I know it looks strange.
Our baby will be healthier, stronger, cleverer and more loveable looking hehe.

xxx R.


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