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How I met your father

To my little boy, 
this is the frequent question I get from family, friends and colleagues whenever they know your daddy is a British, living his life in London, England before he met me. So you might be curious too... just how did I get to know your daddy when we're 6,739 miles (10,846 km) apart.

This, my darling, is how I met your father... 

On one night, when mommy was too free because I have finished my poly studies and got a holiday break before work starts for me. I was lying on the bed with nothing to do so I scrolled through my iPhone and went to App Store to look for fun apps to kill time with. Got to Top 25 Free Apps and saw this app...


It's a meet, chat, friend app. I thought it would be a good app to kill time so I downloaded it, with zero intention/thought that I'll find my life partner here. It was purely to make friends locally and globally to chat with since I have nothing much to do and no responsibilities at this point of time.

So, I started exploring the app right after it was downloaded, and on that same fateful night, I saw how your daddy look like for the first time in a small photo thumbnail. I clicked on it and enlarged the profile picture your daddy had set. And this is the him I first saw...

your daddy's gonna kill me when he sees this on here hehe

Caught my eye and I saw on his profile that he's new on the app too and 'just there to make friends, those interested just hmu' which means 'hit me up'. Yes, my little one, your daddy was the one who got my attention first not the other way round haha! So I thought since there's no harm making friends and we're so far away from each other anyway, I braced up and hit him up with a little "hi.."

Continued exploring the app and looking for other people to make friends with too when your daddy replied. With a "hey prettyface". Sweet talker dad hehe. I thought he was just a flirt initially hahaha but I did talk to him about this after we got together and he said he really found me pretty (blush).

You might be curious how mommy look like when daddy first saw me and go "why would daddy call mommy a prettyface?!?" (ι´Д`)ノ

So this was what he saw before he chose to reply me...

Yep, that's your mommy and your cousin when we were younger haha!
Anyway, we started talking frequently and exchanging videos and pictures. 

We had so much to talk about our conversation always look like chunks of compositions. Your daddy was busy with his final dissertation for his last module in his Uni then while I was settling documents and preparing to start work.

Your daddy likes Japan so he planned a 3 months homestay trip to Japan after his final module presentation, way before we knew each other. And that Japan trip changed both our lives forever. That Japan trip had too much for us to thank for now that we're married and have you.

Because of the Japan trip, it was cheap and not a long flight for your father to come to Singapore and meet me for the very first time. He told me that he would not come all the way from the UK to Singapore to meet a person for the first time.

And if not for the Japan trip, your daddy would be able to go and rectify a problem in his application he made for his final module project. You might ask why would that make a difference. It's because if he is able to go and rectify it, he would have graduated then and started working in the UK, which makes it impossible for him to come here to meet me so frequently. 

Now that had happened, he had to retake that module, but not needing to go back to Uni except for the presentation that was just a one time trip to the Uni which was over on the 15th of May this year (2013). On top of that, the Uni still gave him large amount of bursaries and transport allowance every 3-4 months, which provided him the money to fly and stay here.

Although your daddy could've gotten a first class instead of a second upper class degree should he passed that module the first time, he believed that everything happens for a reason. And the reason is us. We won't be able to come so far now if not. This is destiny.

So anyway, your daddy has sacrificed a lot flying to and fro London and Singapore for so many times just to be with me.

This is the picture of us we first took when he came the first time...

These are more of us during the first time he came. Although the first time wasn't a very good experience for the both of us because of misunderstandings and inferiority (I felt like my English is really bad compared to his so I didn't talk most of the time), it had been fun.

That is the first time daddy kissed me. It was a surprise kiss I didn't expect.
And we took many many more pictures during the many other times he came for mommy. These were the first birthday gifts daddy got for me because he saw on my Facebook that I wanted it. Also a picture of the cookies and cream ice-cream birthday cake he bought.


Daddy also got this Christmas present for me that I have always wanted! All the way from the UK too. How sweet your daddy is right?
I shall skip the in between and go straight to this...

We got engaged!
After which a little you was created by us and then we're...

I am so glad I met your father, and we're crazily in love. Have been, still are, and will always be.

Thank you Skout, I never knew and expected that I would find my lifetime partner there.
And thank you Japan.
Last but not least, thank you, our little boy for making our love even stronger than before.

xxx Mommy.


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