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Making the best out of

Very unfortunately, I had a bad neck sprain during my sleep and can't turn my head now & I can't go to work. I need to turn my body 270º to the left to look at my right... Joke. I can just turn my body 90º to the right haha! Went to see the doctor and spamming dhalgesic on my neck & resting at home so I have all the time to blog now.

Anyway, I had this deep conversation with my dear husband last night. And I'm glad we had.

A little part of it...

"Sorry baby for causing you to have responsibilities you don't need to have at this age.

"Baby just leave it now.. what's done is done. We can keep moping around about it or make the
best of the situation which is what I've said, find the right balance. It's not just your fault so don't feel sorry too. I love you anyways, you understand how I feel and I know you will accommodate to what I want to do and I will do the same."

He's right, it sure doesn't help moping about a certain situation when you can just make the best out of it. 
I love him too.

Oh yes, and the little one in my tummy is getting really active. Feels like he/she's practising martial arts 
while I feel full fledged jabs and kicks just like what "My Pregnancy" app on my iPhone told me a fetus would do at Week 21, although I'm still 4 days away to 21 weeks.

Maybe that's him/her making the best out of what he can do at the moment to tell me that he/she is
healthy, strong, clever and loveable. (´ー`)

Having a Baby Cartoon Do you know what you're having? A human being.

xxx R.


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