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My little dear one

Looking very forward to this day, it has finally come.
My anomaly scan.
And my lovely friends Elaine and Agnes accompanied me to go for my appointment, all the way from Pasir Ris to KKH, which is at Little India.

Spent about 30-45 mins with the radiographer and my friends in the ultrasound room. And these were what we saw on the black and white screen...

My little one at 20 weeks and 5 days

Little one's head, neck and body.

Clearer view of just the head with his very distinctive nose, mouth and jaw

Saw my gynaecologist too.
So as you can tell from the captions, my little dear one is a baby boy!
And a very healthy and a-little-bigger-than-normal baby, as what my gynaecologist told me. I can tell that he'd be a good looking one too from his very round head and distinct sharp nose

I'll still keep praying and telling him that he will be healthy, strong, clever and loveable.

And to my dear little one, although your daddy is not here with mommy now, he loves you a lot. Your paternal grandmama and great grandmama loves you too! See what they got for you already...

And I borrowed this pregnancy bible from the library today too so I will know what is going on with you inside me and I can also learn how to care for you from the outside.

You'll be very much loved, baby.

xxx Mommy.


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