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Dancing queens

Sorry I haven't been blogging for so long. Either I didn't really have the time (once I start blogging, it will take hours) or my baby is sucking the energy out of me. I can't believe there was once just a few days ago, I "napped" from 7pm to 12nn the next day! 17 hours of sleep, almost a day even my husband was amazed how much I can sleep. I blame it on the little one.

This is a late post on my best friend's 21st retro themed birthday party. So anyway, I couldn't fit into most of me and my sister's clothes now so I had trouble looking for what I was going to wear that evening. In the end, the only combo I can find to fit that theme had to emphasize my bump. My preggie bump became a hand magnet that night. You'll see what I wore shortly...

I thought what I wore wasn't too retro-like so I decided to enhance the retro look with make up instead. I think I was one of the few who really tried hard for the theme. I'm not a make up guru and don't know much about the different looks make up can do. I went onto youtube to look for some make up gurus' help instead and I saw this tutorial which was really easy and had a nice, clean, simple, retro look to it. Like the Marilyn Monroe kind of look. Here's the video...

Well I skipped most of the parts though because I don't have the make up products and I don't have that nice defined double eyelids, big eyes and deep eye sockets she has.

For those who are lazy to watch the video or is a man, here's how she look at the end of the tutorial.

And this is my attempt at it...

FAIL? HAHAHA ok I skipped most of the tutorial so definitely doesn't look much like it. And I didn't do my hair either. At least I tried with the artificial eyeliner mole!!! 

Sorry for the poor quality picture as it was taken with my 3 year old iPhone 4 haha. The next few pictures will be good though, taken with my 650D.



Childhood friends but only got close at the age of 14. Still, almost a decade and we're still going strong even after the many ups and downs in our special friendship/sisterhood. Have quarreled over big and little things, cold wars that lasted long or short whiles. But we managed to get past all of that and still share that special bond now. With the rest of the ladies and the guys, I'm really happy all of them have been there for me through good and bad times. These friends are the ones whom I can not meet for donkey years but still have a lot to say when we finally do and nothing changes.

I love you, Veggie Aggy! (╯3╰)

I thought the winged eyeliner and mole were really retro looking so I decided to make them wear it too hahahaha! Most of the other friends were so distracted by the moles they keep commenting on it saying they're just so tempted to scratch it away from their faces. Especially the one right below Elaine's (right) lower lid LOL

I don't know why but I find this candid picture really old school and nice. The bed frame, the curtains, the cupboard at the side, us. Just looks so retro so I edited it to make it look even more like an old photo. Oh well, the only thing that spoils the dancing queen feel is the iPhone hahaha( ´∀`)

How do you find my retro look? Is it very bumphasizing? Sorry for my fat swollen chubby face. Oh my heaven, the double chin.... I can't stand it. Again, I thank pregnancy for that. Sigh. The love and hate on pregnancy. I just can't wait for the little one to be born so I can look at him, smile, and find everything now all worthwhile.


because my dear husband complained that I spend so much time on blogging when he can finish reading it in 5 mins so I shall try to extend this post. Might be boring for some of you I'm sorry you can either just enjoy it, bear with it, or end here.

As usual, I'll go back to talking about my little one. This is a blog on the life of an overly excited first time mom-to-be so I guess this is not surprising?

At work, one of my patient's mother actually struck a conversation with me about the UK after I told her my husband is from the UK and was in the UK at that point of time. So she recommended me to buy my baby stuff from Mothercare UKF&F and ASDA as they are having sales and are super cheap now.



She was telling me the whole time how much stuff she got from there and had it shipped here because it's so. damn. cheap. Also showed me pictures of what she got. And I was really quite amazed by the total amount she spent on what she got.

Anyway, at almost the end of our conversation, she told me about this Tommee Tippee Essentials Sterilisation Set on Precious Little One and said I definitely have to get it.

To fully take advantage of the fact that my husband was still in the UK and there is no need to have it shipped (which costs a lot of money), I quickly went onto the website checked it out.

  • Electric Steam Steriliser
  • Bottle warmer
  • 4 260ml bottles
  • 4 150ml bottles
  • 2 thermal travel bags
  • 2 medium flow teats
  • 6 milk powder dispensers
  • 1 bottle brush
  • 1 pair of teat tongs
  • 1 pure new born soother
  • BPA free for total reassurance
  • 1 year guarantee, free 2nd year guarantee

All of that at a crazy price of £69.99 (~ SGD$140)!!! I know how much just milk bottles can cost in Singapore and I don't want my little one to be using 2nd hand milk bottles (it's one thing I'd definitely not save on for my baby) so I quickly texted my husband to get it. On the day before he's leaving for Singapore! Wasn't sure if he could get it in time and I really prayed hard that day he'd manage to get it and fortunately he did! Phew.

And with just that set, I got many items struck off my to-buy list. I felt bad my husband had to lug all that breast pump, thermoscan, baby clothes, bibs, soft toys and the essentials sterilisation set all the way back though... Oh and the 100pcs of Tommee Tippee breast pads (2 boxes of 50pcs for £7) too. So thankful I got him.

So if you're a mother/father-to-be, do check out the websites, they got really good sales. Unlike Singapore's, got sale like no sale haha.

xxx R


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