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New room in a glance

It's 0145h and I'm here blogging because once again, I have slept like a pig during the day and feeling like a bull now. Woke up at 1.30pm and then napped from 5-8pm. I'm not even sure if anyone normal would consider that a nap. And I really have no idea how I can sleep for so long it's scary. Knowing how I just wasted 1 out of my 3 day offs like that is scary.

So anyway, as my title states, this post will give you a glance of my new room. Not that it is anything of anyone's interest, maybe I just have no idea what else to blog on.
Just a background of my living slash sleeping situation, I have been sharing a bedroom with my second sister and sleeping on a super single bed. Until I met my husband.

The first time he came for a week, he had to stay in Tree in Lodge, where I stayed 2 nights with him in a 6-bedded dorm. He chose to stay there as it is located in Bugis and it's also very near to my workplace. The second time he came for 2 months+, we stayed at my maternal grandmother's place as she has an extra room and it is very expensive to stay in a hostel for 2 months+. My grandmother's place is also nearer to my workplace compared to my own one so we decided to stay there together.

One bad thing is that, because she is living only with my uncle, they don't need internet access so we had to use my phone to tether internet to his laptop all the time. And my brother had to sign up for a dual sim so that he can still use 3G on his phone to whatsapp me to contact each other whenever I go to work. It was just very troublesome. Well, at least we had a room and a queen sized bed all to ourselves. All good as long as we're together.

The third time he came, it was for about 3 months. We were thinking of going back to stay at my grandmother's but at that point of time, he still have not signed for a local phone contract of his own here so we still have a problem of contacting each other if we have no internet access there. I was talking about it at home and thought of just signing for a short term broadband contract for my grandma so at least he can use the internet to finish up his project for the final module and also to contact me. That's when my brother-in-law, half of the owner of the current home we're living in said that he can just come and stay with us here. That just solved everything we're so grateful he allowed him to stay.

Since then, we have been sharing the super single bed and also the room with my sister every time he comes. It sounds really weird I know. Anyway, now that we're married, and a baby is also coming his way, my father proposed that we really need a room of our own and a bigger bed (my bump is also growing bigger each day it will only get more uncomfortable) and tadaa, recently they just moved everything to our new room while I was away from home working (there's a superstition/belief that furnitures cannot be moved around when a pregnant woman is home).

I have always loved decorating my room (shared or not), and to make it cosy as it is where I spend a big part of my life in. My sister don't really care how it looks.

These were what I have done in my previous room... 

Mirror bought by me when I was walking around IKEA then I just asked my sister to share the cost. Doves found online and cut out from black construction paper by myself. Letters drawn by hand with ruler and cut out by myself. Pasted on the wall by none other than myself. My sister did help in the cutting out of the doves though.

Photo frames bought from IKEA and pictures printed out to do this on my side of the room, where my bed is. I always get different bedsheets and quilt covers too as it does enhance the room.

The black cupboard on the left was actually a beige coloured cupboard which looks ugly to me and I wanted to make it fit my black, white and dark brown concept of my room so it became my DIY project but in the end my brother helped with the spray painting. It felt really satisfying.

And this on the left was my 2nd DIY project. It was an old dark brown bamboo rack. Half of it was spray painted by my brother's friends and half of it was spray painted by myself. It was hard work but once again all worth it. I really love beautifying my room and making old furnitures look new again.

This is the Christmas gift I got for my husband. 40" Samsung LED Smart TV. Well because it is Samsung, I guess it also helped make the room look better? HAHA

And that is a glance of my previous room. Now for the new room!!! Where we have to stay for the time being until I turn 21 and he gets Permanent Residence so we can apply for a flat of our own, which will be soon I hope :)

The popart portrait of me painted by my dear friend, Yuanfong, for my hen's night. Hung up! And I'm loving it. Thanks Yuanfong and Viviene!

The collection of my wallets and watches, the Santa plush some nice people were giving out in my ward during Christmas last year, the cards I/we received, hair grooming basket.

His and my gaming/studying/watching/working zone. Most of the time he's the one using it then I use his Macbook on the bed like how I'm doing now. Uncomfortable...

Where my photo frames are placed now and my new dressing table! Can't put our own television here though as my brother mounted his onto the wall already (this was previously my 2 brothers' room) and my father said just leave it.

An insight of my dressing table. A drawer of stuff I keep buying but rarely use as said by my husband hahaha.

And this is the one who completes our new room. HEHE

Alright I got to go sleep it's 3.25am and my little one is trashing around intensely in my belly as if asking me to go to bed right now.

xxx R


  1. I thought your previous room looked nicer! >.<


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