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5 months difference

Sorry I haven't been blogging although I am now on a very long leave and super duper free. Why am I on a long leave, you might be curious. Because my pregnancy discomforts were so overwhelming I had to take no pay leave. Can't stand the stress at work, both physical and mental. Have been suffering from insomnia as well it's really bad. So anyway now that I am extremely free and bored I feel like a pig just lying on the bed the entire day with nothing to do.

Yep it's tiring even with nothing to do. Not as fun as you think. And it's not helping with my weight gain. Guess how much I've gained in 34 weeks. The number. It's scary...

A BIG FAT 18. 18 KG I've gained. In just 34 weeks. OMG.
And they say you should only gain about 15kg throughout the whole pregnancy. I still have a month + to go and I've already overshot that by 3kg. Isn't it scary?

Let some pictures of me wearing the same dress 5 months ago and 2 days ago do the talking.
What my little human being did to me in just 5 months...

 Feb 2013 at 3 months pregnant

2 days ago at 8 months pregnant

And if this doesn't look bad enough, take a look at this!
 5 months ago

2 days ago

It's like all the fats/water went to my face, my nose and my thighs. The fats/water that went to my face are like squeezing my facial features together making my eyes look so smallish :( and the thighs look so unflattering now. It's true what they said, "pregnancy is out to make you look as ugly as you can". Other than physical appearances, the bloating, excessive flatulence, dry lips that can't stop peeling, and so much more out there to embarrass you. Sigh.

I am so going to work those fats off after my confinement. Determined to get my pre-pregnancy figure back. VERY DETERMINED.

Anyway, pessimism aside, the excitement of seeing my little one is building up as the due date is nearing and as more people (even strangers) say that my son is going to be one very handsome and gorgeous child whenever they see his father. It's really nice people are saying that and it just makes me feel happy. And one of my friend's relative joked that he wants to book my son for his "future daughter" lol

I also have friends who keep giving words of encouragement and I'm really thankful for them. And not forgetting the ones who are there for me throughout and their excitement are at the same level as mine haha keep saying they can't wait for him to be out too. And the only 'special' one who can't wait to try my breastmilk LOLOLOL ( ^∇^)

Oh yes, we have also finally decided on what our little one will be called for the rest of his life. 

Hansel (hunsel not hensel like Hansel and Gretel) Naghibi. 
No middle name because his dad thinks it's redundant. 

Ok, so I hope he will look more like his dad. Then he'll look like this cutie here...

 *FANGIRL SCREAM* hahahahahahahaha ain't he cute?!

Yes, Hansel will be a healthy, strong, clever and loveable boy.


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