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Just give me a reason

Nope, I'm not giving a reason or just a little bit. It's not enough.
I have too many reasons why I'm madly in love with my husband and why I still feel like I'm falling in love with him over and over again.

The biggest reason and that of course is because, he's madly in love with me too. It may sound cheesy, mushy and self-proclaimed but read on... the following are the same reasons why I say he is madly in love with me.

He showers me with so much love every single day.

He plants a lot, a lot of kisses on me, everywhere, anytime. When I'm sleeping, half asleep, just woke, or awake. To put it simply, my every waking and sleeping moment. Even when he's doing his work or just surfing the net, he'd randomly pop into bed to give me pecks all over my face. And when I finally wake up (I sleep till very late these days, think my body is telling me I'm going to be sleep-deprived soon), he'd stop whatever he is doing and jump right into bed, lie beside me, cuddle me and yep, kiss me again and again and again.

And the thing is, he doesn't mind my almost lethal morning breath when he give pecks on my lips HAHAHA. Although I always keep my mouth tight shut and try not to let out even a hint of my breath when he kisses me on my lips when I just woke.

Whenever I wake up, he'd always ask me if I'm hungry and would either make me something to eat or give me something he likes that he bought for himself, even if it's the last one. Just yesterday, he gave me his last kaya bun. He loves his kaya buns.

He'd also share the food (mostly snacks; his favourite pastime is buying and eating snacks) he bought with me although sometimes he can be reluctant because he feels that it's too nice to share hahaha but in the end, he would still give in to me ;p

I lie on the bed a lot. I can lay on the bed, resting my head on one of my hand while using his Macbook with the other, looking like a pig with my bare 9-months-pregnant belly poking out of my undersized spaghetti tops, fat thighs bursting out from the opening of my outgrown shorts and messy ponytail with stray strands of hair all over my face on most days. And he can look at me abruptly, smile, and say... "pretty.. Huh. You're pretty, aren't you?" and I'd shyly disagree (obviously I know I don't look the least appealing) with a "nooooo" and he'd still insist that I am and say "yesssss"

On different days, he'd also compliment me by saying I'm beautiful, sexy or cute. I really don't think I can find anyone else who'd say the same thing about me if they see me in the shape I'm in now. How can someone else think that way and compliment me the way he did, when I don't even think I'm attractive AT ALL now? Did I mention that I weigh 75.3kg now??? And then, "this man must really love me a lot" comes into my head instantly.

With my husband around, I don't have to commit sins and live in fear that karma may befall me as he has also become my personal beetle buster. Before he came, I used to kill/torture each and every beetle that appears before my very eyes. No mercy. I cannot stand the feeling of their clingy limbs when they land on me and I am constantly afraid that they might land on my head full of hair and the thought of them being stuck inside with their clingy limbs just freaks me out. Now that he's here, he would always help me get rid of it the merciful way - catching it with a tissue and releasing it out of the window.

If there's a beetle in our room, I'd quickly leave the room and not enter until the beetle is caught and 'disposed of'. Then when he couldn't find where the beetle is hiding, he would also ask me why am I so afraid when they are not harmful and try to convince me to go back into the room by saying there are docile and feisty ones. "If they're not flying around, they must be docile ones. If it's not flying out now, it won't fly out when you're sleeping." Well, no matter what, this man would still keep a lookout for me and ensure that it's caught and not present in the room, for my sake :)

What keeps me loving him so much is also because I cannot forget all the sacrifices he made to be here with me.

If he chose not to be here with me, he could have easily found a decent job already with his honours degree. Over here, he still has to wait for his Permanent Residence application to be approved before he can apply for a full-time job relating to his degree course.

He might already have his driving license and a car back in London because it is so cheap to own a car there. Cheap cars with no COE. He can have healthier, cheap organic food (Singapore overcharges for organic products). He spent a lot of money flying to and fro too. Most importantly, his family and friends are all there. That's the biggest sacrifice he made for me.

As minor as it may sound to some, a reason why I love him is also because he does not drink excessively, nor does he smoke at all. It may not matter to you but to me, a man who doesn't drink or smoke is definitely a better man than one who does.

Every night, we'd end the day with a kiss and an "I love you" from each other, without fail.

Above all, he is going to be a great father. I can tell. Being an overly excited mother-to-be here who's obsessive with buying baby stuff for our little one, be it online or in stores, he would always do a research on whatever I almost hit "checkout" for. And he wants only the organic and best stuff for our little one. Organic baby shampoo and body wash. Organic pacifier. Organic teether. Pure goat's milk instead of cow's. He has actually done enough research that I can write up a post on it with products recommendations for other mommies' information.

I love you, Daniel. I'm so blessed to have you and I'm very thankful. Thank you for loving me. The above are all superficial reasons and I'm sure our love goes way beyond all of that.

xxx R.

 P.S. Stay tuned for the next post if you're interested in organic products for your little one, little tips or just bored and want something to read to kill time.


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