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Happy 21st birthday to you!

Hope you enjoyed the "surprise" party and love our very special and meaningful present. Knowing you are so lazy that even walking from your room to your living room is considered 'far', we couldn't think of any better present than a fridge to be placed in your room. Now you don't have to walk to the kitchen just to get chilled drinks/snacks. You have all the reasons now to just nua in your room and even more reasons when you start your army life. The pictures of us with good figures in the bikinis and board shorts (and even obscene ones like just the surfboard covering the private part) are also what you'll miss when you're in camp hahaha

Anyway, I want to thank you for always being there for me. Even though it is coincidentally because you're the only free one on those days, I still appreciate it a lot. Thank you for helping me out whenever I need. I will never forget that late night you drove me all the way to the hospital to buy medicine and waited for so long with me even when you have to wake up early for work. You're always ready to help when you have the ability.

A million thank yous are not enough to express my gratitude.

Now that you're going to enlist soon, I'm sure all of us will miss you. Lesser random meet ups for meals and supper nights are a definite. Do take good care when you're in there. Can't wait for all of you guys to turn from ah boys to men and come back to being a civilian
 \( `∀´)/

Happy 21st birthday to you again!

xxx R


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