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How mommy brought you into this world

Back from hiatus. I was actually blogging quite regularly on recently but decided to copy and paste all the blog posts here and continue from here. Do take note that what I blog includes useful information (whether you find it useful or not is up to your perception) for new mothers/fathers and mothers/fathers-to-be. I'm blogging as a first time mom too so it might not be very comprehensive but I guess it'll be enough to get new(er) mothers/fathers & mothers/fathers-to-be started. It might be boring for some of you but I will try to post topics out parenthood too. 

My beautiful baby has inspired me to post all my wonderful experiences as a new mother here, from pregnancy to labour to now a mother of a 3 months old little one and he's turning 4 months old in 5 days time!

Yep, so now I'm a mom to my precious 3 months 3 weeks & 4 days old little baby Hansel. It's a new phase of life for my husband and I. I must say it is a big change to our lives we're experiencing. I'm not complaining because this is what most people have to go through at one point of life, be it sooner or later. And I am happy and blessed this beautiful little boy happened to me now.

I don't know if people out there are telling their story, but I'm going to tell mine. It was a bittersweet experience for my husband and I, maybe little Hansel too, from the beginning of my pregnancy to now so I would like to record it here.

Dedicated to my little one, here's how mommy brought you into this world...

Firstly, I'd like to introduce my beautiful little mixed baby through his complex family tree.

His paternal great grandfather is Finnish.
His paternal great grandmother and grandmother are Swedish.
His paternal great grandparents and grandfather are Iranian.
His maternal great grandfather is China Chinese.
His maternal great grandmother is Singaporean Chinese.
His maternal grandparents are Singaporean Chinese.
His father is British.
And I am a Singaporean Chinese.

My last belly photo.

I didn't manage to take my 39th week belly photo because baby Hansel decided to come into this world on the 6th day of his 38th week. It was unexpected as I just had my antenatal check up the day before I delivered and I was only 2cm dilated but I really walked a lot that day as my gynae advised me to for easier delivery.

The next morning, I had regular contractions and I thought they were Braxton Hicks and a false alarm as I had them quite often. I didn't tell my husband. Then, I had my bloody show at about 9.30am. Still thinking it might just be a false alarm, I only told my best friend Agnes about it and even brought my niece to her child care centre first with her before it got really intense and more frequent at the child care centre then did I decide to take a cab with her to KKH to check.

Only Agnes and her sister know about it then. Reached the delivery suite at 11am

I was left unattended in the triage area for almost an hour despite pressing the call bell. I can hear the call bell ringing non-stop but just nobody came to attend to me. And I was in so much pain due to the strong contractions.

A Dr then came at only around 12nn to check & say that I'm already 4cm dilated and in active labour so I need to go to the labour ward. It was then I informed the hubs.

At about 1.30pm in the labour ward, a Dr came again to check & it was still 4cm stretchable to 5cm. My husband can still take things easy and took the train and the KKH shuttle bus to the hospital haha! Oh but I forgot to mention that he was also shocked knowing that our little one is coming soon anytime. At that point of time, only 4 people knew I was in labour as there is a superstition that the more people know, the more difficult the labour will be so I chose to be quiet about it. My bro knew because he was interning in KKH & he happened to bump into my husband if not it'll only be 3.

I was put on oxytocin to speed things up and I only requested for laughing gas for the labour pain. The nurses kept asking if I want epidural but I just insisted not to have it.

Omg the pain was out of this world!!! It was so painful that I can't feel my back.

At about 2+pm (I couldn't remember what time because I was already in so much pain and was just concentrating on spamming the laughing gas), I had the passing motion feeling down there. So I quickly asked my husband to call the midwives & my gynae. 

My gynae rushed down to see and I was already 7cm dilated (supposed to dilate 1cm every hour) and that I was doing involuntary pushing. It's voluntary pushing please! I just want to be over and done with the pain and with delivery so obviously anyone in the right mind would keep pushing.

I was in so much pain I was screaming like a mad woman and the nurses there were still asking my husband if they can give the epidural. Luckily my husband (I told him to be) and my gynae are very persistent on letting me have an as natural as possible birth. My gynae and a midwife then risked their bodies by letting me step on them so that my knees are kept bent at a 90 degree angle for easier birth.

The pushing phase lasted only for about 30 mins to an hour due to my lack of knowledge in labour, but thankful for that.
My gynae kept telling me that his head was already 1/3 through, ...halfway through, and I'm afraid it might stress my little one out if he's left there for too long so I just gave a few big pushes to quickly let him out. And of course also because I couldn't stand the pain and just want it to be over.

And so out he came! His head, body and legs came out all in one shot! I felt so relieved after he was out and hearing his cries just made me feel what I went through was all worth it.

At 3+pm, baby Hansel was born! A healthy boy weighing 3.8kg via normal vaginal delivery! :') With just laughing gas! I'm a happy mother.

Our bundle of joy.

It's a baby boy!

Our first family photo taken by my awesome gynae, Dr Suzanna. 
I feel so blessed.

And that marks a full stop to the introduction of baby Hansel (into this world).

We named you Hansel because in Swedish, it means 'gift from God'.
And you, indeed, are a gift from God.

Read on as it gets more exciting as a new mother with a newborn. This blog will recommend postnatal and baby care products too.


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