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Baby Photo Contests online/onstage: Good or bad?

"Share the most heartwarming photo of you and your little ones and stand to win a hamper worth $100! 5 hampers to be won!" or... "Upload your baby wearing our little movers' pants in his/her cutest pose on Instagram and #brandname. The most liked photo and the most creative photo will be selected to win $150 worth of our brand's products!"

Sounds familiar? With Facebook and Instagram being widely used nowadays, personally or corporately, it is so easy to chance upon these online baby photo contests or even those which will eventually lead to going on stage at baby fairs for judges to judge as the winner will get to appear on magazines. And what is so difficult with just uploading the cutest photo of your baby you can find on your phone/computer with just a click of your finger? A few clicks here & there maybe. Then you think to yourself, why not??? It just takes a few seconds!

Does joining these contests necessarily mean you're trying hard to prove that your baby/child is best? Is it very difficult? Just uploading pictures? Just trying my luck since I am super aware that my baby is damn adorable?

Each and every child are the cutest/most handsome/most pretty/most adorable/most loveable/funniest etc in their parents' eyes. They don't need people's recognition to know that their baby/child is best. They wouldn't care less about what negative things you have to say of their child. They would appreciate kind and positive comments but they don't need it to feel proud. They just do. Most of them...

It all depends on your mindset when you're enrolling your child into that contest. If it's all in the name of fun, there are no bad points to it at all. If you're lucky, you get to win prizes. No matter how big or small, a win is still money saved if they're items that you will use. And won't you feel even more proud that your child wins something? Note the word "more". Not like I won't be proud of my son if he doesn't win. These prizes from the little wins add up to a lot. And it doesn't even take any effort. It only turns bad when you are so obsessed with winning and does not put how your child is feeling into consideration, even when he/she is exhibiting signs that he is not interested at all and is crying (for on-stage contests). Furthermore, kids will be kids. They don't care about how you feel or what you want them to do. Not to mention BABIES! No matter how you try to make them impress, they'll mess it up if they are not interested at all. Throw a tantrum, cry, frown, whatever. If they like it, it's good you give them early exposure to learn & start young and give them a foundation base to start off then. 

To me, it is not the end that matters but the journey. The experiences. At least in future, your child has something to share about his/her baby days, with pictures or just stories. It's exciting to just share these experiences.

So far, all the baby photo contests I have participated on behalf of my son, he has no knowledge of. It just involves uploading his adorable and handsome photos, coming up with some captions which takes only a few seconds time and nothing more. Maybe some pictures just requires more editing which I love spending my creative juices on. Only 1 of them that I had him participate in required him to appear on stage for judges to judge. And he was only 5 months old then, I bet he doesn't even know he was at a competition. I did not dress him up uncomfortably and did not force him to do anything against his will. Like pulling his sides of the lips to make him smile, or spank his butt if he doesn't do what I asked him to. I just had to carry him and make him smile by doing and saying things he likes. Does it sound tormenting? And, if everybody thinks that standing in front of judges makes them look like pets, there won't be America's Next Top Model, no American Idol, no The Voice, nothing.

I am proud to always compliment my own son whenever I post pictures of him. Because, I am a proud mom to my son and he will forever be the best in my eyes. Sometimes, I'm not the only one who compliments him all the time. A lot of my family, friends, relatives, colleagues, even strangers, will always shower him with lots of compliments and asking me to send his photos in to photo contests.

Here's a picture of my most recent entry to another photo contest!

Definitely don't look very much like a tormented baby to me... 



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