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Natural Driver... who doesn't want to leave his "car"

Brought little Hansel out nearby to buy some food for myself and also for him to take a walk outside today. Saw these kiddie rides and decided to put him in there to play, without putting in $$. My mother used to do that to me and my siblings too and we were happy. It was fun enough for little Hansel too. I have taken a few videos to show him enjoying his ride... so much that he didn't want to leave it......

Natural driver huh hahaha!
He's also considerate to check on his passenger Humphrey the bear to see if he is vomiting, fainted or not, or if he's injured anywhere from his "fast" driving XD
Screaming away when we try to get him off the kiddie ride......
"Leave me alone!!! I still want to drive!.... GO AWAYYYY!!!"
On a side note, he has been growing really strong for his age lifting himself up onto chairs, sofa, pushing the chair (dining kind) to the door, standing on it trying to turn the door knob to try to open the door, lifting up things that are quite heavy, and you can really feel his strength when you are stopping him from doing something. And lately, hit another milestone! He can now walk independently!!! Like around the whole living room kind as he can already take a few steps earlier. But with a motivator in his case — food or small electronics like a computer mouse, keyboard, remote controls etc... FOOD, is his ultimate motivator though. HAHA!
Just like all of my previous post, I'd like to say that I'm still extremely thankful that God has given me a healthy, strong, clever and loveable boy as I always tell my little one himself almost every night. Believe that positivity breeds positivity, and vice versa. So be positive, say positive & do positive! 
Something I need to practice more myself too...
Anyway, I hope these pictures and videos of my little one would make your day a lil' better, even if it just brings a tiny smile to your face. As I might just be posting only his pictures and videos when I don't have a topic off the top of my head that I eagerly want/need to share about.
Goodnight all! xxxxx


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