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Sunday morning ballin' fun

Just a few pictures of the little one in his ball toy I pumped up this morning. He wanted to play with the pump more than the toy itself though...

Thank you Yuanfong and Kianwei for this toy the both of you got for him! It needs more balls though ><

Initially I thought it was a little pool, wanting to let him have some water play on this warm sunny day. Maybe I shall bring him to the swimming pool tomorrow with his car boat floatation device he got for his birthday present. I'm quite sure he will enjoy it :)

(Agnes, I know you're reading this. Are you free tomorrow? Whatsapp me thanks hahaha ;p)

He's having his nap now and my husband is at the gym, that's why I have some time to blog. Once he wakes, we'll be bringing him to some malls for a walk again! He's the most well-behaved in his pram outside. Can't contain him at home. So active he cannot stop moving and he hates being constrained to something like a walker/highchair/playpen, he's an escape artist when it comes to that. Even when we're carrying him, he will resist and keep fidgeting until we let him down. Once you let him down, he will crawl away at high speed haha!

You should see how he "sprints" to this cupboard the moment he notices that the safety lock is not there. And once I put it back right when he's there, he immediately knows that he cannot do anything anymore and crawls/cruises away. His actions are so funny sometimes! NO, I mean most of the time :D


I managed to film him "sprinting" towards the cupboard when he realized it's not locked!


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