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Water play!!!

Soooo... Agnes saw that tiny message in my previous post and whatsapped me so it was water play date today! With my niece and my sister too.

She was actually creeped out by the message to her on my post hahaha! Agnes.. Agnes...

I saw that it was foggy and was wondering if it's haze or thermal fogging so I went to check the 24 hour PSI on the NEA website and it showed 64 at 2pm in the East side so I thought it was not too bad. My husband mentioned that the PSI is not accurate and that our eyes and nose are better analysers than whatever NEA is using... or NOT using... I kinda agree as the surroundings doesn't look quite like their readings most of the time. But he was quite positive though, and said that it will probably go down in the evening. I hoped so.

We headed to the swimming complex and reached at about 4.30pm. 
Sorry Huiping for the communication breakdown! Hope you enjoyed your "me" time swimming and relaxing your mind :)
My sister told me that public pools doesn't allow floatation devices, only condominiums' swimming pools but I brought the INTEX Boat Float anyway just to try my luck (maybe they don't have such rules?). Once we were there, the first thing I did was to ask the lifeguard if it is allowed. Thankfully it was but only in the kids' pool (not those super shallow kind, was still 1.05m deep) and another side but I'm not sure which he was referring to since I know in my head that I will just stay in that kids' pool. Good enough. I don't know how to swim anyway (no joke!), and it was more for my little one and niece to have some fun in the water so it didn't matter. I hope to be able to swim one day though as it's one of the most important survival skills.

The boat float is Hansel's one year old birthday gift! Thank you Jean! 
Inflated the float (omg the inflation is tough work and the deflation is even tougher work...) and off we go......
Without further ado, here are the pictures taken....
Sorry for the poor quality as it was taken with iPhone 5S.

"Sail me away!!"

Rachele, Hansel, Agnes and 2 other excited kids :)

"Take me out of here now."

"Why do you have to do this to me???"

 "Can't you tell I'm not happy in here, yet?... Please... mommy.."



Little Hippo Hansel!


The float was quite big and it can actually hold up to 55kg! When we first got in, some kids got really excited when they saw the float. When I put Hansel into the boat, there was still enough room for one more kid and one of them asked, "still got space, I go in?" Hahahaha kids... They also asked questions like "Where did you all take this from?" & "You took it from somewhere or buy one?" *Inserts laugh till cry emoji* Little Hansel didn't look quite happy in it though. But the frowns on his face just make the pictures really funny haha! Makes me laugh a little whenever I look at those pictures :D

Little darling, why are you so adorable even when you frown???

He was actually really happy and was giggling & laughing away when we put him directly into the water. And he gets really excited when he hears the surrounding kids' laughters. He kept kicking his legs in the water too. He really enjoyed himself I would say although the pictures tell otherwise.

While we were at the water playground there, we saw a lifeguard suddenly wearing an N95 mask and was wondering why. Only when we were having Pastamania post-waterplay did we realise that it was really super foggy and smells smokey and got to know about the high PSI when my husband messaged me saying that the PSI shot to 147 and also by scrolling through my FB news feed just now. So many people complaining about the bad haze this evening. Knowing that my son and niece were exposed to unhealthy air really worries me :(

Anyway, after a tiring evening out (at least it was for my little one), we went home and I quickly bathed him, fed him dinner and he started acting cranky at about 8.30pm. He usually sleeps at about 9—10+pm so my husband and I was a little unsure why he was acting like that and so I just put him to sleep and he fell asleep very soon after.

Well, I'll just take that as a "Thank you Mommy, Aunt Michele, Aunty Agnes & Cousin Rachele for taking me out to play today........ Zzzzzzzzzz" 

Goodnight my darling.
Goodnight/day/evening to whoever is reading this...


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