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Om Skönhet.

Hi, again.
Inspired by my, this post will revolve around me, particularly on my looks, and the one cosmetic surgery I have undergone that I'm not ashamed of.

There was this one coincidence (or not) when almost immediately after I post an old video of my friends and I, I received a question on asking me which areas did I have plastic surgery. I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult, because, read on...

This is a screenshot of me and a girlfriend from a part of the said video taken about 4 years ago:

(I can hear the "you look different"s already haha)

And how I look now? I'm sure if you're reading my blog, you should already know ;p If not, you can scroll down to my Instagram roll to view the recent photos of me.

So anyway, why I wasn't quite sure it was a compliment or an insult was because, I only went for double eyelid full incision and medial epicanthoplasty on my eyes. No other areas. I said it might be a compliment as I did not have a choice on what kind of eyelids I would be born with. I'm not saying that females with single eyelids are not good looking but majority of them will look different/better with double eyelids so some people are lucky they're born with it, and I wasn't, so I had to create it.

But that's the only difference, so when the questioner asked me which areas I had plastic surgery on, the first thought that came to my head, shamelessly, was that "do I look so pretty/perfect now that I look like I had many surgeries done on my face?" Well, maybe my other areas are pretty perfect then, for that person to ask haha thank you anonymous!

Oh yes, I also had braces, is that also considered a cosmetic surgery?

An insult because, "you were really super ugly in the past".

Hmm... but then shamelessly again (hehe), I didn't look that bad, with just double eyelid stickers, that wasn't cosmetic surgery, yet! Did I?

Makeup probably.

The mention of makeup, brings me to the next topic — did I do korean eyebrows (or eyebrow embroidery of any sort)?

To which I answered no, I haven't. Like girls who are lucky to be born with natural double eyelids, I was lucky to be born with thick and existent eyebrows (God has to be fair right? Although eyebrow embroideries are much cheaper than cosmetic surgeries. Haha!)

I shape and trim my eyebrows myself with an eyebrow shaver/tweezer using the 2/3 point arch method, then enhance my brow with Benefit Cosmetics' 'Medium' Brow Zings. I don't use the wax though, just the powder. The wax is to make your eyebrows look neater and thicker. I personally don't like the feeling of it so I usually skip that.

I fill the front of my eyebrows with the powder for the start of eyebrow to inner-corner of the eye proportion.

Yep, there goes my eyebrow makeup routine. Hope it will be helpful to some.

I'm not sure if people would be interested in my everyday makeup routine and if some might think that all my photos are heavily edited so here is one of a non-edited photo of me, no filter of any sorts, just good lighting and a flattering angle haha:

And here's the edited and posted one of the same photo 

(just for comparison):

If it's of your interest, here are the products I used for my everyday makeup look as shown in photo above, in the order I apply them Garnier Sakura White's Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum, ZA Concealer only on blemishes/scars & dark circles (I don't use foundation anymore as I don't like the feeling of it on my whole face), Benefit Cosmetics' Dallas blusher/bronzer (I use Coralista too but did not bring it along with me to Sweden), Benefit Cosmetics' Medium Brow Zing, M.A.C Brown gel eyeliner (with Brow Zing's wax brush), Lord & Taylor's eyeshadow as a highlighter on my nose bridge (I know....) and Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist lipstick.

Photos below are unedited and without any filter:

(One of my eyelids is still slightly swollen therefore they look uneven.)

That's about it. My ~10 mins everyday makeup routine!

I hope this post was more interesting..
Time check 4.30pm in Sweden, 10.30pm in Singapore. Hope y'all had a good Saturday!



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