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Introducing the Revolutionary PCTO™ Hegen

I have been invited to the product media launch held at The Fabulous Baker Boy @ Fort Canning Park and was introduced Hegen's newest revolutionary Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open (PCTO™) innovative bottle.

The founder, Yvon Bock, is a mommy of 4 herself and she went through breastfeeding 4 times! The problems she encountered during her baby feeding period that inspired Hegen, was exactly what I have gone through and still am. I am pretty sure most mommies would have as well; the carrying of a fussing baby in one arm, trying to make milk with the other, the dropping of a bottle and it just keeps rolling with no mercy even when you're chasing it like a madwoman, the screwing on of the bottle lids with one hand, etc.

The most concerned issues are nipple confusion for mommies who wants to breastfeed their baby but have to go back to work, and of course colic.

With the Hegen's bottle, you will not have to worry about these problems.
Here's why:

Have you ever seen so many features packed in one simple baby feeding/storage bottle?
Why wasn't Hegen invented earlier? I wouldn't have had to struggle so much! But it's ok, now it's here to make the lives of mommies so much easier.

It's available to purchase, exclusively at Motherswork now!

It will be available at Motherswork Great World City outlet from mid-August 2015 onwards and subsequently at other Motherswork stores island-wide.

This is just an introductory to Hegen! I am excited to receive a full set of their products to try it myself with Hansel and I will be writing a user review on it. Do keep a lookout!

Special thanks to Hegen's management team for the exclusive invite and extremely warm host!


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