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What is your definition of 'Best for my Child'?

Following the previous post and reading the comments and views of other mothers, there are many different ways of nurturing a child and expressing love for your child. But as is for every parent, they would do it the way they deem best. And not every parents' 'best' are the same. Same goes for partners, there are bound to be differences in opinions and how we want to nurture and discipline our kids.

Apart from what I mentioned in the previous post, my husband and my biggest difference in showing our love is the spending of money on Hansel. I am always the one who would want to buy everything for him; books, educational toys, toys, educational DVDs, baby bath essentials, apparels, accessories, shoes and more apparels... and I like to buy them in bulks for that matter. Whereby my husband feels that there is no need to buy so many stuff for Hansel.

Just recently, we bickered over buying (MORE) thermal clothes and shoes for Hansel as winter is approaching in Sweden. I kept looking for more to buy as I am worried that Hansel might not be able to take the harsh winter, having lived in Singapore since he was born.

I have a little brother-in-law who is 3 years older than Hansel so there would be hand-me-downs from him. My husband would say that the hand-me-downs would be good enough and I needn't buy more and waste money. But I feel differently. You can say I am obsessed with buying stuff for him but that's one of my ways of loving him... And my husband would then say, "up to you then, you can pay for it." He didn't feel that buying new stuff for Hansel meant giving him the best.

.......  I bought, anyway. And yep, I paid for it.

2 items out of a few...

To some, I might seem materialistic this way, and that I am spoiling Hansel. But, what these people might not know is, I look for really good stuff and spend a substantial amount of time researching on them to make sure they are warm/good enough for him before putting my money into it. I KNOW that they are the best stuff for him. And... when you (I'm not sure if it's everyone/majority) become a parent, you grow to become selfless towards your child. I stop shopping for myself and whenever I do shop, I always look for more baby stuff that could possibly improve Hansel's life the slightest way. I would find apparels for myself expensive but bear to spend on Hansel's even if they cost more.

I also realize that, even when I'm hungry and reeeeaaally wish I could have all that's left of the meal for myself,
if Hansel asks for it... I would not hesitate giving it to him.

Having said that, Hansel has not been acting like a spoilt tot, and I wouldn't let him grow up to being one. Spending money on him for various reasons (beneficial or not) were my own decisions that he is still unaware of at his age, and he hasn't been wanting to buy toys, neither have I given in to when he does casually say "car!! car!! I want... I want", yet. Dayum, I haven't even put a coin in a kiddy ride! (My parents never did as well...) Just let him sit in it and he would find it fun enough hahahah!!

This is just one of my many definitions of 'best' for Hansel. What is yours? :) 

I sure would like to hear some other parents' definitions of their 'best' in my comments,
and all other parents could probably get something out of it!

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P.S. I will be contacting the mommies who has shared their views on the previous post, on how to collect their $50 goodie bags!


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