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(Unisex) Valentine's Gift Ideas 2016

It's the time of the year to splurge on someone you love again! Although I believe that showering them with affection, love and concern every single day is most important. But who wouldn't want to be spoilt with something material once in awhile right. It doesn't have to be a very expensive gift as it's the thought that counts; that's why I came up with a list of 10 presents which would serve a purpose to the person you're getting it for, perfect for both males and females!

1 - The Yay Tray from Oh Happy Fry

For those who are always misplacing their personal items around the house. This would be a good tray for them to place their belongings like keys, wallet, handphones/gadgets, watches etc. on so they will never forget where they left it ever again!

It is made of extra tough plastic, BPA free, and is microwave & dishwasher safe as well, so if you made breakfast in bed for them and they snoozed for too long that the food got cold, you can leave the whole tray of food in the microwave to heat it up when they are finally awake.

2 - Juniper Berry & White Thyme Hand & Body Lotion by The Aromatherapy Co. from Lazada

For those who are working in an industry where they have to wash their hands / use alcohol hand sanitizers causing dry hands or just those who have dry skin and need some moisturizing. Blended with the 100% pure and natural essential oils of Juniper Berry & White Thyme. Infused with sweet almond, avocado oils and extracts of honey to nourish, balance and recondition the skin. Juniper Berry has strong hydrating properties to help keep hands soft and nourished. The calming pure essential oil of white thyme is naturally moisturising and can help repair and heal dry skin, whilst restoring your hand and body's inherent softness. 

It is also free from many chemicals like: Mineral Oils & Parabens, Sodium Sulphates, Artificial Fragrance, Dyes & Artificial Colours, Animal Testing, Silicones, Pegs and Fillers, Toxic Petro Chemicals, Lauryl or Laureth Sulphates, Propylene Glycol Cocamidopropropyl Betaine and Cocamide DEA.

If you want to hold soft soft and smell nice nice hands, you know this is what you need to get!

3 - I Love You More Than All the Stars from Mini Learners

For those who needs motivations and constant reminders that you love them every day. They can hang it anywhere they will be be able to see every day. It's a nursery decor but sometimes, your lover can be such a baby too right? I totally understand... Hahaha!

Free worldwide shipping but do note that it delivers unframed.

4 - Ray-ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

For those who love to coordinate outfits with accessories, or just those who like to complain that the sun is shining too brightly into their eyes whenever they go out with you. Or simply just because you care for their eyes, for they are to see you for the rest of their lives ;)

5 - Hegen Storage Bottles (Pack of 6)

For those who love to snack wherever they go, whether they're at a lecture theatre, chilling somewhere, or at work etc., this would be a perfect classy storage container for any snacks they want to bring out from home so they don't have to buy a new pack everytime they suddenly feel like munching on something when they're out.

The bottles are air-tight and leak-proof, and the ergonomic space efficient shape makes the best use of space while sealing nutrients in. Made out of glass like Tritan material without the associated breakability and weight, Tritan is free of BPA, EA, AA, PVC & Phthalates.

If the both of you are already planning to get married and have a baby soon (or later), it can immediately change its purpose and serve as space-saving milk storage bottles too! 1 stone kill 2 birds or what?!?

IF you already have a baby and your wife is breastfeeding, even better! She'll definitely be happy with it...

6 - Sudio Vasa Blå - Wireless Freedom

For music lovers, active persons and those who always have their earphones' cords getting caught somewhere. 

The Vasa Blå sound signature is delivered by a carefully tuned driver and amplifier. The combination of driver and amplifier is able to separate the sound of every instrument in every song, thereby giving the listener a true studio experience. 8 hours (active) & 10 days (standby) battery life, 10 minutes for a quick charge and 120 minutes for a full. It can be paired up with a phone and so one can take calls with the built in microphone and control the phone with a remote. The Vasa Blå is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. It comes in 4 different elegant colors: Rose Gold Black (as shown above), Rose Gold White, Pink and Blue! Goes well with any kind of devices. 

They have wired and non in-ear models in awesome colors as well you can check it out here.

Purchase through their site with free worldwide shipping.

7 - Saint Laurent Leather Cardholder from Net-A-Porter

For those who have too many membership/credit/debit/business/loyalty cards that their wallets look like it's gonna burst open anytime but not from too much cash, just too much cards... LOL. And it's branded and simple. So it looks classy no matter how one uses it, including taking flatlay photos maybe? Hehe. Less is more baby, less is more. People like minimalism nowadays right?

8 - Puma R698 Suede Trainers from ASOS

For those who seems like they never have enough shoes. Always wanting more. "I have enough shoes now", said no one ever. This would look pretty damn perfect on anyone's feet. You can also get two pairs as couple trainers and it wouldn't look cliche. It's also for those who are active in sports of course. I'm quite sure it'd be comfortable as well as it looks.

9 - Classic Sheffield watch by Daniel Wellington

For those who are always late for dates. They probably can't keep track of time while preparing so ask them to put in on first thing when they wake on days they will be meeting you. Or for those who love to coordinate outfits with accessories and those who seems like they never have enough watches too. #WIWT worthy watch, you know? It's Daniel Wellington afterall, haha!

Free worldwide shipping with purchase of a watch from their website.

10 - Alphabet Melamine Bowl by Design Letters from Oh Happy Fry

For the always eating ones. Whether clean eating, snacking, having breakfast [cereals with milk] or any meals, this would be THE bowl for them. Just because one can practice the alphabets while eating or can also take artistic #onthetable photos. Just like the Hegen storage bottles, when the both of you have kids in future, can pass on to them. Them kids can eat from the bowl and you can teach the kids the alphabets with the bowl. 1 stone kill 3 birds!!!
So... are these better than the regular flowers, chocolates, plushies, an expensive dinner and all the other expected gifts? Not sure? Just buy, give, open already, then ask him/her la!

Here's wishing every human being on Earth who knows how to love, a very Happy Valentine's Day!!


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