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Japan Fun Box: May Mini Box Unbox & Review

Another Japan snacks box to curb my cravings for Asian food/snacks that I can't easily satisfy in Sweden BECAUSE THEY DON'T IMPORT MUCH! Although I am very happy with the Hawaii ice cream mochis I just had this morning that Daniel got from the big supermarket here... hehe

Japan Fun Box sent me their May mini box to try and well, I'd be lying if I said my family and I didn't enjoy it right? They're candies and snacks afterall! And STILL from Japan hahaha. People must really love Japanese candies and snacks that there are so many subscription boxes out there which are surviving pretty well = a lot of subscribers despite the many competitors.

Let's see what Japan Fun Box's got to offer in their May Mini box...

Looks like the goodies are having some fun, aren't they? 
Well, if not they can't say they come out of a Japan FUN box HAHAHA brrr~~

An itemized list in A4 color is provided in the box so you know what you get in the box. There are also descriptions of the candy/snack. You can see what you'd get in their Mini & Original box.

Glico GIANT Caplico Strawberry Chocolate, 35g

Only in Japan, an unmeltable ice cream cone! This wafer cone is filled with strawberry flavoured bubble chocolate, much like an ‘Aero’! With a chocolate centre and strawberry casing this is a different, fun, crispy, and sweet treat you have got to try! It was a big hit when first released in Japan. Also highly rated on Amazon.

Both Daniel's and my favourite of the box! We both agree that it's a very unique snack.

Umaibo Curry, 6g

So glad I got another Curry flavoured umaibo! If you have no idea what an umaibo is, you can find out in these post - 'Freedom Japanese Market: April Box Unbox & Review' and 'Taste Japan: Mar/Apr Unbox & Review'.

Mugi Choco, 70g

It looks like coffee bean and taste a little like coffee. This chocolate covered wheat puff is a traditional Japanese snack. Because of it's toasty aroma and lightness, once you start popping these in your mouth, you can't stop. It's an all or nothing thingy you know. Daniel liked this as well.

Calbee Pizza Potato Chips, 63g

Unique taste of chips. Does have a slight taste of pizza. 
Tastes like eating pizza and chips at the same time haha! 

Umaibo Beef Tongue, 6g

Very strong "beef" taste. Daniel didn't enjoy it but I thought it was ok. Edible at least.
Not one of the best umaibos, in my opinion.

Kabaya Shuwabo Change Cola Chewy Candy Stick, 20g

Another unique candy. It's a chewy candy with orange and lemon flavour, and a fizzy powder in the middle. When you chew them long enough, the 2 flavours combine with the fizzy powder to create a cola taste! Tastes pretty good!

Umaibo Shrimp Mayonnaise, 6g

Add this to my Umaibo faves!!! Before I tasted it, I was wondering just how exactly would a shrimp mayonnaise umaibo taste like... Turns out, it was really amazing when I took the first bite. It does have a distinct shrimp mayo taste to every crunch. Yummy!

Whistle Candy - Grape, 22g, 8 pcs

The candy of my childhood too! The people of my generation and above must be no stranger to hearing all that annoying loud whistling sounds your friends make whenever they have this sweet. Melts in your mouth slowly for you to savour the grape flavour. Grape flavoured candies are the best! Comes with a secret toy box as well — it's a plastic dinosaur/dragon can't tell HAHAHA doesn't matter, goes to Hansel anyway xD

Japan Fun Box offer 3 sizes of subscription boxes:

Mini (5-7 items) @ USD 14.99/month
Original (15-20 items incl. of 1 DIY kit + 1 Special item) @ USD 32.99/month
Family (25-30 items incl. of 2 DIY kits + 2 Special items) @ USD 49.99/month

Free Worldwide Shipping included in prices and you can cancel online anytime.

Read more about their subscription HERE.

Quality ★★★☆☆ 
Variety ★★★☆☆ 
Value for Money ★★★☆☆
* Rating based on contents of Mini Box

It's a pity all 3 Umaibos were smashed to small pieces when it arrived. 
They are also not priced competitively.

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Disclosure: I was provided with May's Mini box from Japan Fun Box for the purposes of this review.
No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love subscription boxes that give you a chance to taste the different types of snack that each country has, especially Japan! This sounds like a box that I'm very willing to try too bad the pricing is not that good as you mentioned.

  2. That's really fun! I love receiving subscription boxes that are full of interesting snacks especially if it's from a different country. It's such an experience, whether the snacks turn out to be great or something that doesn't suit your taste.

  3. That's a nice toy that kids would love. They would surely help kids to be creative.

  4. This is a good idea - to supply world foods in small packets for the expat population!!! Kinda necessary today when eveyone is on the move and miss home food.

  5. These subscription boxes are getting quite popular in Singapore also now. This one truly looks like fun. Would love to try out.

  6. Wow, if we still went for candies and snacks these would be great for us! Subscription boxes are really getting popular now, it has just started here in the Philippines but only for books and crafts, I hope someone starts a subscription box for natural/organic products soon.

  7. This fun box is too cool. I wish to have one too.

  8. Wow, I didn't know that there is a snack box thing. I just thought that only beauty products came up with this but lo, this is surprisingly amazing. It's nicer to know that they ship worldwide too!


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