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Autumn is here, and winter will be coming soon. The air is already getting colder and dryer. My skin is feeling the effects and are not in their optimal condition. But thankfully, there's Early Picker to the rescue! I can find the hottest and trendiest K-beauty products on there and they ship worldwide! And everyone knows how well made K-beauty products are. Especially for Asian skin and dry climate. Korea can be cold and dry during winter as well so beauty companies definitely take that into account when developing new skincare and beauty products. Perfect!

Early Picker sent me a few products from Medicube's well known RED line and also a few from the widely popular Aprilskin. I have seen lots of before and after effects videos with Medicube's skincare and make up products and they blow me away. Lots of people reported significant skin changes in just weeks or even days of using their products, for the better of course. Improvement in acne, reduction of pores and amazing coverage of blemishes, redness or other imperfections. I HAD TO TRY THEM MYSELF!

Aprilskin needs no introduction. Everyone all over the world are raving over their magic snow cushions, fixing lip shield and turn up color treatment. A shame I couldn't try them this time round but I'll definitely have to get them soon! I would love not to have to touch up my lips for the whole day and also to have colorful hair especially since now I have ombré hair and they are light colored from halfway down. Best time to color them bright with different colors.

Suitable for people who are concerned about visible pores and skin wastes, easily irritated and sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone & troubled skin.

Early Picker is also selling their BLACK (hair), WHITE (teeth), ZERO (pores) and GREEN (body) lines.

Soothes irritated and sensitive skin by controlling sebum production while giving skin a soft and fresh feeling. Clinically tested for non-irritant product.

It contains a patented ingredient, 'Ovalicin', which is effective for acne, antipruitic and anti-inflammatory. Because it is patented, you will most likely not be able to find a second brand selling skincare products with the same ingredient for the same effects! It uses natural preservatives with extracts from natural origins and also has 19 botanical extracts and oils, including tea tree oil, to deeply hydrate, soothe complexion and prevent acne development.

Medicube RED lives up to their name. It absorbs super quickly into the skin when patted and massaged in well and does not leave a sticky or heavy feeling after a couple of minutes. Not exaggerating but you might even forget that you have applied it. It also makes my skin feel taut. I could smell a mild scent of the tea tree oil. So far no negative effects on my skin from using it.

Tested for skin discoloration improvement, skin strengthening, sensitive skin, light exfoliation and moisturization. Key ingredients being portulaca extract, jojoba seed oil and tomato extract. It is also clinically approved for brightening and wrinkle care!

Honestly speaking, I don't really have any significant discoloration problems on my face (other than occasional dark scars from old acne which always fade away eventually) and I haven't tried this long enough to notice its effects but I did notice my face being a little brighter than before. Also, it has not caused me any skin irritation as well. This is the step that comes after RED cream. They actually provided a guide for the sequence of application.
cr: Medicube

I only have the products for step 4, 5 and 9 :( 
Wishing I could have the whole set! No doubt I can achieve the dewy QQ Korean skin then haha! /*doing doing*\

Non-comedogenic tested, safe to use for acne prone and sensitive skin. Light application with high coverage. Also SPF 50+ / PA+++, brightens and helps with wrinkle care. It comes in 2 shades — 21 Light Beige and 23 Natural Beige. Key ingredients in this cushion are tea tree leaves and centella extract. They provide the skin with moisture, prevents oiliness, cleans, conditions and moisturizes your skin.

I am actually surprised that there can actually be tea tree contents in a cushion. Tea tree is really the ultimate substance for the best skin with many different beneficial properties. This product first caught my eye when I watched a coverage test video with it on Facebook. I was totally sold when I saw the video.

cr: Style Korea

Similarly to the other RED products, this body bar is clinically tested to be a non-irritant for the decollete area (from neck to chest). It contains botanical oil to soothe, relieve stressed body and gently remove skin wastes with foam. Key ingredients being Tea Tree (again! love it!!!), Red Bean and Basil. Who would've thought red beans and basil could be used in a body soap? I know I would never have! Call me shallow... meh!

cr: Medicube

I don't have much bacne (back acne) to see if it does what it says on the 'tin' but the reviews on the Early Picker and Medicube pages tells it all. There are users saying they saw effects in a week and even one in just 5 days! There is also a before and after (once a day for 1 week) photo review and I am really amazed. Daniel has some bacne so I will ask him to try it and maybe I can document it.

On to Aprilskin now. 
They sell a wide range of beauty products too. 
I got 3 of them from Early Picker and they are all for the face.

One of the bestsellers on Early Picker, this nose pack kit is of course to for removing the stubborn blackheads on your nose. Unlike a usual pore strip, this is a three step process kit. First with toner used together with the nose sheet to softly open up the pores, then the nose pack (pinky clay) to dig deep into the pores and cleanly removes blackhead and white heads and lastly the soothing gel to calmly relax your skin. The key ingredients of this product are deep ocean water, pink clay and marine collagen.

For better effects, use a steam towel for 5 minutes over nose or use pack after showering. I am also fascinated by the toner and nose sheet. The instruction was actually to soak the sheet with the toner and MICROWAVE it for 20-30 seconds then to place it on the nose! Microwave... wow. And also the aftercare? The thoughtfulness of the product... A++++! One kit could be used for up to 6-10 times depending on how big or small of an area you apply the nose pack on.

Another one of the bestsellers on Early Picker, the Magic Snow Pad from Aprilskin is made of 100% cotton and microfibre which is safe for sensitive skin. It contains lactobacillus (milk ferment filtrate), cellulose, centella asiatica extract, rice bran extract and other botanical ingredients. The magic snow pad gently exfoliates, removes dead skin cells, controls sebum, brightens skin tone, cleanses and hydrates the skin. Early Picker sells it in sets of 1, 5 and 20 pads.

Aprilskin Premium Magic Snow Cream, 45ml
And the last product from Aprilskin. It's a long lasting moisturizing cream with whitening properties from Niacinamide, which is similar to snow structure and Himalayan glacial water with natural minerals to brighten the skin. There is also white fungus in its ingredient list which provides vital collagen to dry skin. Bamboo and other naturally derived ingredients and fragrance also part of the cream. Other than collagen, it provides calcium, protein and vitamin D, moisturizing and nourishing the skin improving its elasticity.

I picked this product because apart from my face, I can apply it anywhere I would like to brighten. Like my elbows, knees and why not armpits while at it too? ;) HAHAHA 
psst!: and the packaging does look very premium...

Comes with a premium looking spatula thingy for sanitary purposes as well! Image result for heart icon.Image result for heart icon

AYYYYYYYYY Image result for two hand up emojifree samples with purchases of more than USD 20 and the more you spend the more free samples you get!!! Who doesn't want free goodies? Let me know and I can receive them on your behalf heh heh~

Look at the amount of free samples I got! Some of them are regular sized items! This separates Early Picker from the other K-beauty sites. Not only do you get FREE worldwide shipping for orders over USD 50 (Korea Post Registered Mail) and USD 130 (EMS/UPS), you get 5+ samples and 9+ samples respectively. Please note that Early Picker will NOT be responsible for import duties and taxes on international shipments. Check the customs information of your country before making an order.

It's never too late to pick Early Picker.

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