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Bohemian Collection by Natty Naturals Skin/Haircare

Bohemian Collection is the labour of love of Dominique who founded Natty Naturals (aka All Things O' Natural). This is their biggest collection with a wide variety of skin, hair, oral, lip, beard/shave care and even home living products. Today, I am reviewing the skin and hair care products I have received from the Bohemian Collection.

This is one of my favourite combination to start the day off with a clean fresh face! Read on to find out more about this 3-step cleansing.

Step 1: EXFOLIATE/MASK - Once a week, Cleanse + Exfoliate + Soothe your face with their 'Oats + Hibiscus Scrub Grains' which can be mixed with water, tea from their 'Herbal Steam', honey, yogurt or almond milk.

Note: This product has since been discontinued and no longer in production but you can substitute it with their 'Oats + Bamboo Charcoal Scrub Grains'.

Step 2: TONE - After cleansing, mist their sweet smelling 'Rose + Neroli Toner Mist' over skin. This can be used daily and from head to toe!

Note: This product has also since been discontinued. They have replaced it with a toner mist with 'Rose + Hibiscus' instead.

Step 3: SEAL with SERUM - While skin is still moist from mist, apply 3-5 drops of their 'Rosehip Facial Serum', massaging it into face and neck. Can be used daily as well. It consists of 20 active ingredients, is 100% whole plant based and 98% organic.

Caring for your hair and scalp is just as important as your skin. Just because the scalp is mostly hidden doesn't mean it does not exist. Having a healthy scalp is essential to better and healthier hair growth. And hair is the crowning glory of a woman.

Now I can care for both my scalp and my hair by treating them with BC's 'Hair + Scalp Treatment' oil. It conditions, soothes and stimulates to aid in calming scalp issues while providing moisture, softness and shine to the hair.

Deep condition your hair with this 'Natty Cupuacu & Rhassoul Deep Conditioner'. It is infused with herbal goodness, healthy butters and oils, penetrates and infuses moisture deeply to revitalize dry, damaged hair, as well as help to maintain healthy hair. On freshly washed hair, evenly distribute a generous amount of conditioner. 

To fully experience the conditioning, use a heat cap or steamer for 20-30 minutes with heat to help lift the cuticles and infuse moisture into your strands. Alternatively, you can also place desired amount into a separate container, heat conditioner by placing container in hot water or bottle warmer then apply heated conditioner to hair to help infuse moisture into tightly closed cuticles. Rinse thoroughly and you now have deeply conditioned hair! 

I used a heat cap + hair dryer thingy (as shown below) with this conditioner and looked like megamind hahaha! But it was quite a home hair treatment experience!

I actually forgot to take upclose photos of a few products! Their 'ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Hair + Scalp Mist' is one of them and it is absolutely great! Because I was using it so frequently, it was left in the bathroom hence was left out from the photoshoot. While using the ACV hair mist, I realized my hair gets less greasy so quickly. It also helped with my flaking scalp due to the dry conditions here in Sweden.

Me with their 'Cacao Clay Cleanse' mask on. It is so versatile - you can use it as a cleanser or a masque. I could also use it as a spot treatment by leave it on troubled area overnight then rinse out the next morning. With 19 active ingredients, 100% whole plant based, 98% organic and gluten free. It aids in soothing, cleansing and nourishing for a brighter complexion.

Bohemian Collection has since changed their branding labels and also went for more environmentally friendly packaging so it might look different from the ones I received but are filled with the same goodness or maybe even a better and improved version of a natural, organic and cruelty-free product.

On Natty Naturals, you can also see all their real customers' reviews on each product page. Within the U.S., they offer free shipping if you order more than USD 75 worth of products.

And did you notice their wax seals and how they package the products?? Major plus points for me there! ❤.


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