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Educational Orboot AR Globe by Playshifu Review

Are you racking your brain on what gifts you could gift to another? I recently received the Orboot AR Globe from Playshifu and thought it makes a great present, for any occasion, and for both the young and old (in my opinion). I will be reviewing the whole set and what I feel are the pros of the AR globe. What could be improved will of course also be mentioned. Read on as there will up to 20% Christmas offer discount codes if you decide to get one!

When the box is opened, here's what's inside. The globe and the stand are disconnected, each in a separate bubble wrap to protect them. There is also a box of travel essentials which will be broken down below.

The AR globe kit comes with a colorful 10" custom globe with no borders or names, a box of travel essentials — a passport to be stamped with the journeys, and a book filled with country flag stickers, a stamp embossed with a plane and the words 'Way to Go!' and of course a comprehensive help guide to guide us through the 'journey around the world'.

Download the Orboot: AR Globe by Playshifu app on App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android and we're ready for an adventure! First, we created an Orbooter profile where we enter our name, grade and email address. Submit.

Next stop: wherever we want!

400+ highlights and 1000+ cool facts...

... across 6 categories — animals, cultures, cuisines, inventions, monuments & maps.

What I love about the Orboot is that it makes learning very fun and interactive. Hansel especially enjoyed the feeding section for the animals. It shows 4 different varieties of food and they can be dragged and dropped to the virtual animal. It will only eat the food if it is actually what they eat, and it will reject all the other 3 foods by giving a negative response like shaking their head while saying "uh-uh.." or "no..". You can also learn about climates in the different countries and their 4 seasons (if there are at the selected country.)

What I find could be improved is the globe and the stand. The globe is not 360 degrees rotating so there are some AR stars that are at an awkward position to scan. If a child is using a bigger tablet, it is difficult to stabilize their hand/s while pressing into the objects showing on the screen that they want to explore on. 

The stand does not have enough weight to it, making the globe more prone to toppling while turning the globe. I feel that weight, suction/non-slip pads could be added to the (bottom of the) stand.

We reside in Sweden so it is definitely one of Hansel's favourite places. All in all, the Orboot was a big hit with the children! My Instagram stories of Hansel playing with it has garnered significant interest among my friends. My sister was really impressed with it too and will order it while they are having a Christmas promotion now.

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Are you ready for an adventure with Playshifu?


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