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BrowStation Embroidery by Vivian Won Experience

I have never thought of getting my eyebrows embroidered, but I did think of eyeliner embroidery. After chancing upon Vivian's BrowStation Embroidery on Instagram, it awed me into doing it. Both. Vivian's eyebrow embroidery techniques looks really good and pretty and who would say no to lesser makeup time?

So I enquired with Vivian via WeChat and she very kindly and generously offered to sponsor both procedures and one touch up each and assured me that she will embroider my brows 'pretty pretty' for me. I had no doubts about that at all. Her works shown on her Instagram portfolio are indeed all very pretty and gave me the confidence to entrust my brows and eyelids to her. She offers Powder Mist (Misty), 6D, 6D + Misty eyebrow embroidery and Invisible eyeliner embroidery. I chose the 6D + Misty for my eyebrow embroidery.

I'll cut long story short and go straight to pictures.

As you can see, I have quite thick brows other than a sparser front which is where I usually have to fill during my makeup routine. But, look at the difference an eyebrow embroidery can still make! And the eyeliner embroidery?! Changed the shape of my eye and I look perkier!

The eyebrow embroidery process wasn't really painful because of the numbing cream that will be applied prior to embroidering. Even after it wore off, I didn't really feel much pain. I'll summarize the pain scores for each embroidery below.

Eyebrow embroidery pain score
During: 0-2 / 10 (the 2 at spots where the numbing cream either wore off or weren't applied at all)
After: 0-1 / 10 (1 is just a weird tight feeling for awhile)

Eyeliner embroidery pain score
During: 5 / 10 (it wasn't really pain but uncomfortable because Vivian leaned her hand very hard on my eye almost throughout while embroidering my lids, I felt a lot of pressure on my eyes which was unpleasant but I also completely understand that she needed to do that to stabilize her hand as it's a really dangerous area to be using a blade on)
After: 7-8 / 10 (freaking painful and worst feeling pls!!! swollen, tight, burning, stinging, painful after the numbing cream wore off)

It also doesn't help that my eyelids didn't 'eat' the color at all which I have read about and Vivian has also explained that most people lose 50-80% color on the first session because of different factors. Mostly due to the oil deposits on the skin and also it's "old" hard skin hence making it difficult to absorb the pigmentation. The first session is mostly to 'micro-injure' the skin to let the skin scab and shed. The new skin will be soft and tender, which will then absorb the pigmentation better, fades lesser and last much longer. That's why at least one touch up is necessary.

After the first session, Vivian provided a Vitamin A + D Ointment Emollient to apply on the embroidery. But I should've asked in detail how to use it because it was too vague when Vivian only mentioned to apply 'a little bit'. It was probably too late when I found out so I shall be nice to inform you guys here if you're intending to go for embroidery and receive an ointment for healing too. Too much ointment and the color will fade. And because you should avoid contact with water for about 1 week from the embroidery, it's difficult to keep it clean which will lead to infections.

Here are some tips I got from Vivian:
✨ Use wet cotton to clean the embroidery, by dabbing lightly, don't rub.
✨ To apply the ointment/cream, use cotton bud to apply a very thin layer, after which you use a tissue to gently dab away the excess.

This is my eyeliner embroidery touch up session, which is also 3 days after my eyebrow embroidery touch up. A close up of the 6D + Misty eyebrow embroidery strokes for you.

1 month after touch up. 
The eyeliner embroidery still didn't stay as expected. It's either I didn't care for it well enough, or I have stubborn skin like I have my hair. Ugh. Probably need 2 or 3 touch ups for it to stay on 4 years like Vivian's own one. Power! But I probably don't have enough tolerance and courage to go through 2/3 eyeliner embroideries....

Still, I am absolutely in love with Vivian's work on me. She was also very patient with me as I was very particular about the shape and didn't want it to be so straight and I wanted a more angled arch. She kept making rectifications to the 'template' eyebrows until I was satisfied with it. And it turned out exactly the way I like. Brows on fleek all day err day! 

I just need to put on blush and lipstick and will already look all made up. It's the best decision I have ever made. Now, it's your turn to make the decision!

👇 BrowStation Embroidery Prices 👇

🎀 $288 — 6D Embroidery 
Define stroke, the most natural and similar our own hair. 
✅ Recover period 7 days, avoid skincare products and water. 

🎀 $388 — Powder Mist (Misty) Embroidery 
Machine technique, make up powder look.
✅ No recover period. Contact with water ok after 4 hours.

 🎀 $398 — 6D + Misty Embroidery
Combination of two techniques, the most popular style in Singapore. 
✅ Recover period 7 days, avoid skincare products and water. 

🎀 $238 — Invisible Eyeliner Embroidery
Korea style lash liner, enlarge your eyes. 
✅ Recover period 7 days

All prices include one touch up and scar cream. 
Touch up must be after one month and within three months. 

📱 WhatsApp: +65-86618501
📱 WeChat: vivianling0721
🏬 Orchard Plaza #05-53

If you're tempted already, lucky you! How about a better temptation? Like a 10% discount? 
Tell Vivian that you're referred to her by me (Rebecca) to get 10% off her services! It's that easy.

Get your brow game strong now!
Feel free to message me on here or on Instagram if you have any questions.


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