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Sample Store x PPLs ImmuBless Review

Guess what... As I am writing this, the weather outside is 2 degrees cold. Is it winter already?? I was looking forward to autumn. Please don't fast forward this season! It's freezing cold and everyone in the family are getting the colds. Blocked nose in the morning, sneezing through the day and runny nose. Ugh. But lucky for us, Sample Store gave me a bottle of their Best of Taiwan 2019 PPLs ImmuBless spray! And you can redeem it for free among the other Best of Taiwan products too. Follow through this post to find out how.

So what is this PPLs ImmuBless spray all about? It is an immune boosting formula which uses premium Taiwanese Green Propolis Extract suitable for people who have weak immunity system or easily fatigued. It can also be used for toothache, gingivitis, sore throat, ulcers or just want to have fresher breath!

The spray bottle is so small and portable, you can bring it on travels or just leave it in your handbag. Anywhere, everywhere, you're a couple sprays away from stronger immunity and fresh breath. Just shake well and spray it directly in your mouth or throat. It is concentrated so you don't have to spray it many times for it to work. A 10ml bottle will go a really long way!

In the packaging, you get a bottle with cap and a sealed package of the spray connector. So hygiene and sanitation is assured. Because it's a spray and non-touch product, you can share it with your loved ones if you want to. Although you all can redeem one each from Sample Store to keep in your bags! Only for a limited time so you gotta be quick!!! There are already 990* redemptions, 5 star ratings with 258* reviews!

Do you want your own bottle of ImmuBless spray? Hop on over to Sample Store and register an account to redeem it for FREE! With free delivery. Yes, you heard it right. The only thing you got to spend on this 10ml bottle is your time — prob 3 mins?? Haha! But you really got to hurry up redemption is ending soon. At the same time, you can look at the other products they have from their Best of Taiwan 2019 exclusives that are up for redemption as well.

It's helping my family feel better through this dreaded early winter I love it and I'm sure you'll benefit from it too. Don't forget to share it with your family and friends who love freebies! Looking forward to a bunch of readers with a stronger immunity ;)

* accurate figures as of time of writing


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