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Hello, my name is Rebecca. Turning 28 this year, married with two darling sons and an angel baby. I am born and bred in Singapore, and have moved to Sweden with my little family since 2015. I started blogging now and again since 2009 when I'm not tied up with other commitments, and I love cosmetics, skin care products and fashion. After having a child, I am also interested in natural, organic foods and products. I studied nursing and have worked as a nurse in a paediatric ward and general clinic for about 2 years. I am currently working as a stand-in preschool assistant here in Sweden because of my previous work experience with children.

Most of my photos are taken with my Canon GX7 Mark II / iPhone X and edited with Adobe Photoshop / iPhone apps.

I take pride in my work and I am a perfectionist. I strive to continuously improve on my content creation, blog aesthetics and user interface. My only competition is me and I want to be better than myself everytime. This is what motivates me in the content creation industry.

What does MoMaison means?
It is a word play of Mom and Ma Maison (My House in French), so it kinda means 'A Mom's House'.
Coincidentally, 'ai' (爱) means love in Chinese so it also turned out to look like Mom爱Son.

 Hope you enjoy reading this space and till then~!

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